After witnessing the calibre of the students at Aunty’s school, I was convinced that the teachers might just be doing something right. We therefore decided to enrol Abba at the school where he would be introduced to basic Literacy and Numeracy and later move him to the LEA school 2km away.


I asked Abba’s mother if any of her children are enrolled in school. She replied in the negative. We therefore decided to enrol Abba and his three siblings at Aunty’s school.


We returned after a few weeks to check on the children, they seemed to be learning fast and making good progress. We decided to identify more children willing to learn and enrol at the school.


Aunty spoke to me about three orphans who were coming to the school but had to stop after losing their father. I asked to meet them so that we could also enrol them. We then met with the community people and came to an agreement to identify 8 more orphans and enrol in the school. Making our adoptions a total  of 15.

We adopted all 15 of them!


But the state of the school was still a cause for concern.The structure was rickety, the roof leaky and looked like it was about to fall off. The environment was clearly not conducive for learning. and it was definitely an unsafe environment for anyone at all, talk-less of children.

The next time we paid a visit, we met a representative of another prestigious NGO, and guess what? They were also interested in helping to restructure the structure the school.


Can you guess which NGO that was? 


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