We met a representative of Vaccine Network for Disease Control who were also interested in rehabilitating the classroom. We fixed a meeting to discuss how to go about it. After the meeting, both parties came to an agreement on how much to contribute.

We then invited Fiona Lovatt, an experienced teacher and poet from New Zealand to give her input in the intervention. Fiona suggested the villagers provide materials for building the school.

The building of the school was done in less than a week.

Building in progress

The completed school


After the building


We invited a consultant to help give a proper administrative structure to the school. Prior to our intervention, the  school had no structure whatsoever. No assessments, no holidays, no attendance registers etc. We helped to put all of that in place.


After the school’s completion, we worked with the community members to organise sensitization campaigns for the adults in the community. We also invited religious leaders to enlighten the localists on the value of education. This worked effectively as a herdsman enrolled 6 children into school.

You can be a hero

There are still thousands of children in Rugga community left without any form of education. These children need you. Kindly donate to save their futures today.

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Are you fluent in Hausa or Fulfulde? Join us to enlighten the community on the value of education. Simply indicate interest by commenting below or send an email to info@flexisaf.org

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