The Corona virus creeped into our dear country around March this year and fear gripped everyone. The Federal Government without wasting much time, ordered a total lockdown, followed by a memo from the management informing us that we will be working remotely for the time being. This sent a chilled mood into my system at first, as I loved working.

After the first week, I had to put my thinking cap on, and came up with the following ideas to help me make the best out of this uncertain situation;

Boosting my professional skills: I enrolled in and completed several online courses, and shared the very impactful ones with my team. However, while some of the courses were free, I had to pay to access the others but that proved to be worthwhile. So far, I have completed upto 20 online courses and the most impactful ones to me were the ones from the British Council; they seem to have lots of short courses for educators and managers, and a certificate is awarded after a successful completion of each course if you are able to secure a pass mark of at least 80 percent. 

Another interesting one was Introduction to childhood experience and early trauma by Ace Online Learning sponsored by Home of England; I also joined a training session on jolly phonics to sharpen my teaching skills.

Completing Office assignments: I wake up every day looking forward to an assignment from the office which I often carry out with enthusiasm, I also look forward to our weekly meetings because they helped me to cope. They came as a kind of reassurance that I was still part of the foundation’s team.  Every meeting meant a few encouraging words from my team members reminding us all that the pandemic is just a phase and will come to an end soon, we should however try to remain safe. My team is the best, I really appreciate the words of encouragement coming from every team member, especially the coordinator, always reminding us to enroll in online courses to boost our career skills and endeavor to share whatever we find impactful with the team. These have motivated me to continue learning, stay safe, and positive. We also planned a webinar which turned out to be very successful. A food relief package was organized and we seized this opportunity to distribute worksheets to our AccLearn kids at the Rugga Community.


Learning new things for pleasure: I’m of the opinion that our feelings if handled properly, protect us from the happenings in our environment. Studies show that learning new things can actually help your brain to cope with feelings of sadness. Having enough time in my hands, I utilized the opportunity to learn a few things that were otherwise out of my areas of interest. From logo animation and design to internet safety awareness, I also sharpened my bakery skills through watching videos from YouTube.


Building better relationships with people: Emotional intelligence, they say, is an invaluable skill that can positively impact all areas of our lives. I took the time to work on my relationships, especially the distant ones. I got in touch with many, from family members and neighbors to old school mates whom I had not spoken to in a while. I made sure to rekindle old relationships and that proved to be extremely fulfilling, it helped both mentally and psychologically.

Improving my understanding of world issues: The arrival of the virus into our country made me realize how global issues affect us as individuals. I came to understand that life can be very unpredictable. 

This lockdown is no doubt the first I had experienced this much uncertainty, it may not be the best of moments because I miss going out but it has made enough of an impact in my life to last a lifetime. 

Certainly, these memories will stay with us forever. We can however utilize this time to improve our skills and resilience.

I pray the pandemic comes to an end soon and things go back to normal so that we can achieve all of our planned goals.

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