What’s your idea of a mobile classroom? A classroom on a phone? Or a classroom in a car? Whichever one you think, you are absolutely right. So why do we need these mobile classrooms?

According to UNICEF, upto one billion people across the globe are estimated to live in slums, more than one hundred million of them are children. Some of these children fare much worse in wellbeing, health and education than children in poor rural communities.(UNICEF 2018).

Educating kids in slums

You see, our pilot AccLearn project is run in a slum, in the Rugga community of Wuye. These settlements despite being temporary, house more than ten thousand people, more than 30 percent of the population being children. From reports gathered, many residents in this community are legal settlers who had lived there for over fifteen years. Since many children in this community do not attend school due to reasons beyond their control, we felt the need to take education to them and have been doing that since 2019.

Then a setback…..

However, due to obvious reasons, our classrooms got demolished last year and all learning materials went missing. So do we leave these children hanging because of these challenges? The answer is no, we have a solution on the ideal way to continue impacting them.

What’s that solution?

The answer is simple, Mobile classrooms. Mobile classrooms are portable and can serve different slum communities simultaneously, ensuring that no child is left behind. It is our strong belief that education cannot wait and every child has the right to access quality education despite their circumstances.

We need your help

By donating to help us acquire mobile classrooms, you will not only be empowering a few slum children but an entire community. Empower a child today.


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