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The Accelerated Learning Program (AccLearn) is a community-based alternative education program by FlexiSAF Foundation, used to fight the high rates of out of school children in Nigeria through accelerated learning, which prioritizes quality as well as speed and accessibility. By providing the regular Nigerian curriculum in a condensed and accelerated manner, this programme offers out-of-school children the basic tools needed for them to integrate into the formal schooling system.

FlexiSAF Foundation’s initiative to create safe learning spaces for out-of-school children is making a difference in rural communities.

The goal of the AccLearn Program is to equip out-of-school children with the necessary tools needed to ensure a 100% transition into the formal education system within a period of 12 months. To achieve this goal, the foundation has partnered with experts to come up with a comprehensive but accelerated curriculum which covers four basic subjects:

  • Literacy:

Using the Montessori model, the children are taught sounds, identification of sounds and blending.

  • Numeracy: 

Also using the Montessori model, the children are taught basic Numeracy skills at an accelerated pace.

  • Life skills:

These skills are designed to equip the children with what they need to become active members of society, model citizens and also to adapt better to their environs

  • Digital skills: 

Concepts are introduced in the children’s local language through computational thinking.

The program also has the following features:

  • The Montessori model for learning
  • Flexible learning customized to the child’s needs
  • Safe Spaces for learning
  • Child feeding initiative
  • Women empowerment through the feeding initiative.


The sole beneficiaries of this program are out-of-school children between the ages of 5 to 9 years, who are vulnerable and are from underprivileged homesbut are very eager to learn. These beneficiaries are residents of the same community where the AccLearn center is located. Currently, there are 50 children enrolled in the AccLearn Pilot Program.