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With the onset of every crisis, the norm would be to panic, retreat or at the very least, experience some delays in your journey. Just what the COVID19 pandemic did to the majority of the world.

But I am so glad to let you know, dear reader, that in our case, the exact opposite happened. To us, the pandemic was an eye opener, it offered an opportunity to grow and build resilience as a team. Not only did we not slow down, but we recorded tremendous success in all programs that took place during this period.

We went from organizing fundraisers for food relief drives, to implementation of remote learning in marginalized communities. We didn’t stop there, we organised webinars well attended by intellectuals from various fields, who made really valuable contributions.

We have brought all these plus a surprise exclusive guest interview.

Just for you!


Following the outbreak of the CoronaVirus pandemic, which has seen nations of the world bow to their knees and even the wealthiest men cower, it became imperative to do something urgently. After very robust deliberations, it was unanimously agreed that the foundation should crowdfund to get food supplies to the families of our beneficiaries in various communities.

We launched campaigns on all platforms and raised sum enough to feed about 180 families in four communities.

These food drives took place in Rugga Community and Kuje District in the FCT, Kano and Adamawa states.

The food drive was very impactful and many families were saved from enduring weeks of dreadful hunger during the lockdown.


We introduced a remote learning strategy which is the distribution of worksheets to beneficiaries to aid learning during the school closure period. The team refreshed their minds on what was previously learned and we were glad to see that most of them retained what had been taught. 

The team also reminded the children on the various strategies they need to employ to remain safe during the pandemic. 


To commemorate the Children’s Day 2020, we held a webinar titled above. 

“…Our objective was to create a platform through the webinar to discuss with other CSOs who are involved in any form of education intervention in marginalized communities on how they are dealing with the stop to education IN THE LIGHT OF COVID-19 and how we can bridge this gap through digital learning.”

The response from the public as well as our target audience was very impressive. The speakers also influenced attendance from their individual organizations and spheres. We had in attendance individuals who showed interest from social media promotions, CSOs in Education which were contacted via emails and other well meaning Nigerians.

The webinar was graced with four speakers

  1. Asiya Rodrigo
  2. Dr. Abubakar Dahiru
  3. Hajiya Habiba Muhammad
  4. Kolade Adebimpe


We had an engaging Facebook Live session to discuss alternative learning strategies for marginalized communities. The session was very interactive with about 137 viewers. We brainstormed on the various approaches to learning to ensure that no child is left behind.


To mark the World Humanitarian day 2020 with the theme #RealLifeHeroes, we organised a webinar recognizing some heroes in the education space in Nigeria. Featured were;

  • Hussaini Abdu, Country Director, Plan International
  • Faiz Bashir, CEO, FlexiSAF EduSoft
  • Busayo Morakinyo, COM, Connected Development
  • Nelson Egbunu, Project Manager AccLearn, FlexiSAF Foundation