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To mark human rights day 2021, the FlexiSAF Foundation is organising its first fitness and advocacy walk, tagged “Walk for Education''. Keying into the United Nations Human Rights’s (UNHR) generic call to action “Stand Up for Human Rights'', the  “Walk for Education” is established in furtherance of the foundation’s vision and mandate to give qualitative  education and educational access to indigent children, this time through civic engagement and advocacy. FlexiSAF Foundation over the years has consistently through its numerous educational projects, given access and enrolled more than 800 indigent and vulnerable beneficiaries in schools, this the foundation does through well thought out projects and interventions tailored to meet these children’s peculiar needs. Our projects have been lauded at different times by international and domestic agencies, government and private organizations, and educational institutions.

Why Walk ?

Beyond the rhetorics the foundation intends to take the advocacy for the urgent need of all and sundry to take the out of school children menace we currently face as a country seriously. It is our fondest believe that education is the bedrock of a Nation and a nation cannot progress beyond the level of education it affords it citizens, hence beyond our field projects and impactful interventions in the areas of access to education, we intend to make our message of POSITIVE ACTION resonate through activities like the “Walk for Education”. Our vision is clear, our mandate is sure and we are deploying all legal and humanitarian means to see that every child is educated in our clime. Further to this, we understand that health is wealth, and fitness is key, hence for the wellness of our staff, educational stakeholders and general public, we are commemorating the world’s human rights day with the “Walk for Education’ fitness exercise.  Register to attend below :

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Take off Point

City Park, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Abuja


Take off Time



Distance - Duration

3.3KM - 3Hours

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We welcome your partnership to enable us to grow to provide the solution to out-of-school kids in more cities. Every donation you make to FlexiSAF Foundation is an investment in the future.