Who We Are

The initiative FlexiSAF foundation was inspired by FlexiSAF’s innate passion to solve educational challenges in Nigeria. One of the most unfortunate challenges being the massive number of children and youth out of school-without hope of ever getting empowered with a good education.


At FlexiSAF foundation therefore, we are committed to reducing these numbers by identifying inquisitive out of school children and equipping them with quality education(which includes guidance and counseling). To back this project, a considerable percentage of FlexiSAF’s profit goes to the foundation annually, but due to the massive number out there, there is a need for collaborations in order to make good impact. We therefore, accept donations and sponsorships from credible sources.

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Find the kids

There are millions of children out of school in Nigeria. A quick stroll in the urban center of most states in Nigeria gives the glaring picture of these kids as you see kids as young as five on the streets trying to fend for themselves. Those  in the rural areas are even worse off.

Identifying out of school children who are eager to learn is a rigorous task that involves patience and experience. We therefore work with partners who have already identified the kids, verified their stories and confirmed their enthusiasm.

Become A Partner

Send them to school

We identify a good school within the same geographical location as a child and enrol them. We have agreements with these schools to give particular attention to these children and help them fit in with their privileged peers.

Incase of challenges with learning, the school has contact of the person to contact. I.e. the mentor

Adopt A Kid

Mentor them all the way

After sending them to school, we provide them with well trained mentors who would look after their education. These mentors follow up on their termly progress, help them through their challenges and connect with them through effective guidance and counselling.

Effective guidance counselling activities include leadership training, sensitization workshops, excursion opportunities etc.

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