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According to UNICEF, more than 10 million children are out of school in Nigeria, this means that every one in five of the world’s out of school children is in Nigeria! To curb this unfortunate menace, FlexiSAF Foundation gave birth to the Accelerated Learning Program (AccLearn).

AccLearn employs a flexible, interactive and community-driven approach to get children to learn. After just a year of learning, the children are able to master reading, writing, basic arithmetic and valuable life skills to enable them thrive in society. The AccLearn method is so effective that it got featured on BBC, wondering why? Below are eight reasons;

AccLearn takes Education to Communities: The project is a way of taking quality education to children who ordinarily would not have access, especially those in slum communities. Many children cannot attend school due to poverty, distance and security issues. Those who end up attending are unable to thrive due to poor or non-existent pre-school education.

Photo: The children having fun with Ms. Abigail during a learning session.

AccLearn has the best instructors: We leave no stone unturned to source for the best instructors for AccLearn. Upon recruitment, we get them trained rigorously to make sure that they are well equipped with the required skills to tutor the children. Our instructors take into consideration the needs of each child when teaching, making sure that no child is left behind. They make learning fun, interactive and very engaging.

AccLearn catches them early: AccLearn also incorporates the method of early intervention, which helps facilitate children’s social/emotional development while providing the foundation upon which cognitive and language skills develop. The early intervention method is an essential tool in bridging learning gaps in literacy, numeracy and life skills because it helps to speed up the learning process thus resulting in better outcomes for the children, their families and their community as a whole.

AccLearning incorporates digital learning: At AccLearn, children get exposed to digital learning through computational thinking. We use pictures, sounds, videos and mini robots in order to ensure an exciting and effective learning experience. This also improves their communication skills as well as enhances their cognitive abilities.

Photo: Children learning during a Computational thinking session

We Need You to Keep it Running!

Due to Covid19, AccLearn suffered many setbacks. We lost a valuable instructor, our classrooms got demolished and all learning materials went missing. In order to keep AccLearn running, we need your help!

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