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Towards securing the future of Nigeria through quality education 

5th JULY 2019, Abuja: A new partnership was struck on Friday 5th July 2019 between FlexiSAF Foundation and the Nigerian Muslim Forum UK (NMFUK). The agreement was struck by both organizations in an effort to reduce the number of out of school children through active and systematic identification and enrollment of out-of-school children into quality schools within their communities. Based on a Memorandum of understanding signed by both parties, NMFUK will provide funding for out of school children as part of activities for their newly established Education committee.

FlexiSAF Foundation will be responsible for the identification, enrollment, and tracking of their progress. The Foundation will also provide timely progress reports on all beneficiaries sponsored by NMFUK.

At the MOU signing, Dr. Garba Sani, Chairman, NMFUK said, “The Nigerian education system is in urgent need of intervention from all able sources. In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of quality education ahead of 2030, we have established a council which focuses on providing aid to worthy educational endeavors.  Innovative educational solutions, such as have been provided by FlexiSAF Foundation, holds the key to reducing the number of out-of-school-children in our dear country. To that end, we are eager to establish this partnership and providing brighter futures for all out-of-school children.

“NMFUK has partnered with with FlexiSAF Foundation because of its track record of integrity and reliability, this serves as a vote of confidence from MNFUK to FlexiSAF Foundation.

Nigeria currently holds the record for out-of-school children with a whopping 10.2 million, according to the ministry of education. This worrying statistic has to be tackled if Nigeria is to reach its SDG4 target ahead of 2030.

To buttress this issue, Ahmad Salihijo, Chairman of FlexiSAF Foundation stated that the organization has redoubled its efforts to reduce the number of out of school children in Nigeria. “We have been tackling the issue of out-of-school children at the grassroots level since our inception, and have witnessed the real-time effects of illiteracy on marginalized communities in Nigeria. The issue of out-of-school children is pressing and could pose a threat to the future of Nigeria if left unchecked. With that being said, we will leave no stone unturned in our mission to provide solutions to this problem.

“Our partnership with NMFUK is indeed exciting, and we intend to hit the ground running in our quest to reach as many out-of-school children as possible, within our capabilities.”

In the closing remarks, Co-founder of FlexiSAF Foundation, Faiz Bashir stated that the foundation is integrating technology in all of its initiative. This is what makes the Foundation’s initiative so different for other organizations and also ensures scalability for all the foundation’s initiatives.

The partnership will work towards improving access to quality education for out-of-school children and also enhancing children’s learning through the use of logic and technology from an early stage.


FLEXISAF FOUNDATION  is an initiative of FlexiSAF EduSoft limited who has recorded tremendous success over the past years and seeks to bring it to the humanitarian aspect of education. It is a Non-governmental [NGO] founded in January 2018 and it is dedicated to facilitating access to quality education for underprivileged out-of-school children. For more information, please visit www.flexisaf.org

L-R Aliyu Khalifa, Chair, education committee NMFUK; Dr. Garba Sani, Chair board of trustees NMFUK; Ahmad Salihijo, Chair, FlexiSAF Foundation; Faiz Bashir, Co-Founder, FlexiSAF Foundation; Amina Abubakar, Coordinator, FlexiSAF Foundation.


Nigeria Muslim Forum(NMFUK)  is a registered charity organization under the charity commission of England and Wales with registration number 1144040. The NMFUK’s education committee was set up with the objectives of improving access to quality education through sponsorships, improving the quality of teachers through teacher training programs, increasing access to teaching equipment and resources and working with other stakeholders to advocate for qualitative, sound and purposeful education at all levels.

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